Candice Care and Candice’s House are now Summa Care – Total Care Solutions

We are so excited to announce a few changes to our brand!

Our logo and our mission remain the same “to deliver community services with respect, integrity and heart”, and our team will continue to deliver the same high level of supports that we always have, under our new structure, known as Summa Care – Total Care Solutions!

“Summa” is Latin for “total” and as part of our new structure, Summa Care will continue to offer Aged, Disability and Community services as well as expanding into Staffing Solutions and Training.

Our commitment to our communities and the People We Support (you and your loved ones!) has always been paramount to our organisation, and from this we have sustained significant growth over the past 18 months. Along with this growth, has come the time to reflect the growth and development of not only us as an organisation, but also that of our skilled staff, and we feel that Summa Care will continue to strengthen our organisation.

Our Aged Care supports will be delivered under Summa Aged Care (formerly Candice Care), and will continue to be an Approved Provider of the Australian Government Home Care Packages and Commonwealth Home Support Programs, as we have always been.

Our disability supports will be delivered under Summa Disability Care (formerly Candice’s House) and will continue to deliver these supports as an NDIS registered provider, as we have always done.

Our team will work through both of these entities, and train under our Summa Care Staffing Group that will allow us the flexibility to provide more independent and tailored supports to those in our communities, and give us the opportunity to continue the tradition we have for tailored supports, excellent service, and our expanding range of services.

We look forward to continuing to work with, and support you and our loved ones, and cannot wait to show you what else we have in store when our new website is launched! In the meantime, you can visit the Candice Care website as usual.