The Journey of Summa Care

A Fresh Perspective

Established in 2017 as a small boutique organisation,  the founders of Summa Care recognised a distinct gap in the Disability Support and Aged Care Services in Australia: the services were generalised rather than tailored to the individuals, were delivered mostly in metro areas or were only available to a small part of the community.

We recognised that something had to change – a decision was made to start an organisation with one clear goal in mind: providing a fresh and unsurpassed level of Aged Care and Disability Support that is fully tailored to each individual’s needs and will positively impact the lives of People We Support, while ensuring the support remains attainable and affordable for all.

Founder Candice opening Candice Care House
Founder Candice at the opening of the Moffat Beach Community House

A new name to better reflect our wide range of services

As a result of this new, fresh approach to Community Support Services, Candice Care grew rapidly within the first few years – we even reached our three year goal in the first six months!

With our growing number of People We Support (PWS), the team grew exponentially. Due to the large range of tailored supports required, we now provide many types of care solutions beyond our original “Boutique Community Services”. As a result, the beginning of 2021 saw a big next step in our story. The decision to transition into Summa Care – Total Care Solutions!

Why the name Summa Care?
As we grew to provide services beyond just personal support, we decided our name should reflect this, too. “Summa” stems from the Latin word for “total” – providing “total care solutions”!

Disability Support - Jack and Reece
Providing the same quality service we always have – under the Summa Care brand

About Summa Care Today

Now that we started this fresh, new chapter, our name and brand represents the complete range of care solutions that we provide. Whether you are looking for 24/7 in-home care, require temporary or permanent accommodation, would like to participate in group activities or need transport, we’ll be there.

Our goal is to help you achieve your journey – whatever this may be. The Summa Care team is here, ready to assist you.