Do you love cooking in the kitchen, but are there some annoying problems that bug you? Maybe you find yourself struggling to twist off jar lids, have a hard time carrying ingredients across the room or feel tired while you work – you’re not alone! There are easy, inexpensive ways to make your kitchen time more enjoyable and easier to do. We’ve put together 6 easy Do-It-Yourself kitchen hacks that will make your life in the kitchen easier! 

Please note that these are simple tips only for minor problems. If you require assistance with cooking or adaptations in your kitchen, make sure to talk to your Case Coordinator about these needs. 

Problem 1: You easily get tired after standing up for too long

Solution: If you easily get tired when standing up, you could open up a drawer, place a cutting board or tray on top, and sit down in front of it! That way, you can rest your legs while continuing your work, and you’re not too far away from things you might need in the kitchen!

If you don’t have a suitable drawer, you can always sit down at the table to cut, peel, stir, or do whatever you need to do. It’s okay to rest!

Problem 2: It’s hard to read the recipe when it’s laying on the counter.

Solution: Take a pants hanger (or a normal hanger and 1 or 2 clips!) and put it through the handle of an upper kitchen cabinet. Use the clips to secure the recipe, and voila! The recipe is a lot easier to read when hanging at eye level, and you’re keeping it dry and clean from food crusts.

Problem 3: It’s hard to hold onto the kitchen utensil handle, and you sometimes drop the utensils to the floor.

Solution: There are several ways to make holding kitchen utensils easier! Firstly, you could use/buy a foam grip tubing. Foam grip tubing has a hole in the middle, making it easy to slip in the handle. The foam will make the handle thicker, making it easier to grip.

Foam grip tubing comes in different hole sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your kitchen utensils. You can cut the length of the tubing as long or short as you like. Foam grip tubing is available for low prices in many stores such as Bunnings, or online. You can also check out specific stores such as The Therapy Store, where they have a variety of materials for people of all abilities.

Another hack you can use is using coban self-adherent wrap. By wrapping this tacky tape around the handle, you will make the kitchen utensil a lot easier to grip. Cut off enough coban from the roll to overlap, and stick it around the handle. Done!

Check your first-aid kit for coban, or visit the local dollar store or drug store. Coban tape is cheap and goes a long way!

Problem 4: Your bowl is sliding all over the counter while you’re trying to stir.

Solution: Put a non-slip placemat or a non-slip shelf liner under the bowl to hold it into place! The resistance from the placemat or shelf liner will keep the bowl from moving around while you stir. You can also use this for plates, trays or cutting boards.

Take a look at your kitchen table and in your drawers to see if you already have a non-slip placemat or shelf liner. If you don’t have any yet, you can grab one from the dollar store in any colour or style.

Problem 5: You have trouble twisting the lid off of jars

Solution: Remember the coban from the kitchen utensil problem? This is where it comes in handy as well! Place a piece of coban on the top of the lid, grip, and twist open or close the lid. You’ll notice how much easier this will be!

Problem 6: You have difficulty opening the tab on cans

Solution: If you struggle to open the tab on cans, use other kitchen & home utensils to make it easier! You can grab a flathead screwdriver or butterknife, place it under the tab and push down on the handle to open it. Easy!

We hope these DIY kitchen hacks will make your time cooking more easy and fun!

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