If you are looking for accommodation options, there are many different housing solutions and supports available to consider for your individual needs. Two of these options are Supported Independent Living, also known as SIL, and Specialist Disability Accommodation, SDA. If your NDIS plan includes either one or both of these options, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what to expect from these supports.

What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

Supported Independent Living, also known as SIL, refers to help with or supervision of daily tasks that aim to develop an individual’s skills and encourage them to live as independently as possible. If you have a disability and are unable to live independently or with your family, SIL provides an opportunity to receive the support you need in a shared home. 

People who live in ‘SIL’ receive daily support with tasks including cooking, cleaning, banking, grocery shopping, social and medical needs, attending appointments and assistance with personal care such as showering and dressing. 

Summa Care can provide SIL services in your own home or in one of our SIL houses. In our SIL accommodation, you live with a maximum of 1 or 2 other participants. Our participants always have a say in who they live with – we always have a meet & greet to assess compatibility prior to moving someone in a new home. We have a variety of SIL houses available in different regions (click here to view our current vacancies), or we can source other suitable accommodation for you. Our SIL homes provide an opportunity to access the support you need, enjoy independence and make new friends

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)?

Specialist Disability Accommodation, also known as SDA, refers to accommodation for people who require specialist housing solutions that cater for high support needs or extreme functional impairment. Specialist Disability Accommodation refers to the actual home, apartment or unit an individual would live in. The funds received for SDA are not for supports, but for the home you live in

Participants can either live independently in their home or with others – this all depends on their individual situation and needs. With SDA, participants are able to choose the housing solutions that are appropriate to their circumstances. 

SDA funding through the NDIS is not available to everyone. There is only a small proportion of participants with very high support needs who meet the specific eligibility criteria. SDA funding only covers disability-related housing expenses above the normal costs of housing, and does not include person-to-person support services. 

Support Worker Alex assisting with cleaning and cooking
Under SIL funding, Support Workers can assist with daily living tasks such as cooking and cleaning.
So what’s the difference between SIL and SDA? 

SIL refers to the onsite supports and daily living services that help develop the skills of participants to live as independent as possible. SDA is modified housing or specifically designed housing for people with high, complex needs, located in an area that makes it possible to access complex or costly supports.

You may require only SIL, only SDA or both. If you require both daily living support and special designed or modified accommodation, SDA and SIL will be funded separately in your plan. The separation of this funding provides you with more choice and control, because you can choose accommodation suited to your needs and access the SIL supports of your choice.

The separation of funds allows you to change support services without having to move from your SDA funded accommodation.

Other types of accommodation funding

Some other accommodation solutions by the NDIS include Short Term Accommodation (STA), Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) and Individualised Living Options (ILO). To find out more about STA and MTA and to view our current vacancies, click here. Individualised Living Options is an NDIS support that lets you choose the home to live in and set up supports in the way that best suits you. An ILO is a package of supports that helps you live how you want, in the home environment you choose. To find out more about ILO and other types of accommodation and housing solutions, visit the NDIS website here.

Have any questions or need assistance?

If you are looking for accommodation or Supported Independent Living services, we have various vacancies in different regions and are an approved SIL provider. Visit our Disability Accommodation page for more information or get in touch with a local team member here. We’re here to help.

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