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The Summa Care team is dedicated to supporting you in the best way possible and strongly believe in delivering all our services with respect, integrity and heart.

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Meet the Summa Care Staffing Group Team

Like any successful team, we have a wide range of skills and experience between us: from leadership, to human resources, to nursing, to social support - to name a few. But the ultimate uniting element which we see as our key to success is our passion and knowledge for all things Aged and Disability Care. We truly believe in providing all our services with respect, integrity and heart.

Summa Care Staffing Group is the key to the success of Summa Care. Summa Care Staffing Group is able to be brokered in to provide support to you, with you, or with another organisation.

Many of our team members have personal experience in the Aged and Disability sector - may that be for a family member or someone close. We know it can be difficult at first to navigate through funding applications, picking the right support provider, arranging the right supports, and finding new social connections. We want to share our experience and help guide you through the process to provide the best possible services to you. Have a look below to learn more about the Summa Care Staffing Group team!

Our Leadership Team

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Hollie Smith
Operations Manager

Our Operations Team

Summa Care Staffing Group operations team consists of our Care Coordinators, Team Coordinators and Intake Coordinators.

Intake Coordinators
Our Intake Coordinators will be your first contact when getting in touch with Summa Care. They will listen to your needs and see how we can best help you with your enquiry, before selecting a dedicated Case Coordinator to look after you. With a broad network of health professionals in your local area, our Intake Coordinators are also able to refer you to the best professionals suited to your individual needs.

Case Coordinators
Each Person We Support at Summa Care has their own, personal Case Coordinator. Our Case Coordinators are qualified and experienced, and they will guide you through your care journey. Together with you, they will develop a detailed Care Plan tailored to your individual needs, goals and wishes. Your Case Coordinator will be your point of contact at Summa Care.

Team Coordinators
Our Team Coordinators work closely together with the Care Coordinators and Support Workers. They carefully match each Person We Support to a suitable Support Worker. Our Team Coordinators are here to guide our Support Workers and ensure the People we Support are matched with Support Workers of their choice.

Our Key People - Your Support Workers!

With over 150 team members, we have a large, qualified team of Support Workers ready to assist you throughout the country. Prior to commencing employment with us, each member of the team is required to:

  • undertake mandatory Police Checks,
  • pass the National Disability Worker Screening as well as
  • pass Working with Vulnerable People, Elderly and Children Checks.

All team members are required to hold current First Aid & CPR certificates, and each Support Worker will have a minimum qualification of a Certificate III in Individual Support (or equivalent). Many of our team members have years of experience within the Aged Care and Disability Support industry. They have been trained across a variety of clinical areas, meaning we are well-equipped to work alongside people with specific injuries such as spinal and brain injuries, or behavioural concerns.

At Summa Care we ensure the People We Support have a well-developed Care Plan and we work closely with other providers, specialists and Allied Health teams along the way to ensure you receive the care you need.

Summa Care Team

Do you want to become part of the Summa Care Staffing Group team?

As a rapidly growing organisation, we are always on the lookout for new team members. We regularly have vacancies for new members in all our departments & regions - have a look at our Career page to view current vacancies and to find out more about becoming part of the team!

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