Personalised services with respect, integrity and heart

We understand there are many different service providers to choose from, and the options can be overwhelming. For us, it's all about you receiving the best possible support tailored to your needs. 

Have a look below at some of Summa Care's key qualities and find out if we are the right provider for you.

What we offer you:

Tailored, flexible services personalised to your needs

At Summa Care we strongly believe no individual is the same, and our services reflect this. Our support is specifically tailored to your needs, and we are flexible to adapt to any changes that may occur.

This tailored & flexible approach comes from our belief that each individual is in charge of their own journey. We’re simply here to help you achieve it.

Professional, qualified & caring staff

At Summa Care, we believe that providing support tailored to your needs, and having the flexibility of team members is the key to a successful working relationship. This is why we chose to provide support through a number of brokered providers, and we work side by side with Summa Care Staffing Group to ensure that continuity of support, with a high level of tailored care is at the forefront of your transition to us supporting you.

All of Summa Care Staffing Group’s team members are qualified and knowledgeable in Individual Support, undertake regular Police Checks and are in possession of Working with Vulnerable People, Elderly and Children Checks.

Above all, each individual staff member delivers care with our key values of respect, integrity and heart.

24/7 Support available

Summa Care is here to support you whenever you need it – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

We deliver supports every day of the year, including nights, weekends and public holidays. In addition to this, our 1800 226 342 number is manned 24 hours per day as a support line.

The perfect Support Worker match 

At Summa Care we work closely with you to find the perfect team of Support Workers for you.

We will personally match you to carers who are compatible to you, with similar interests and hobbies. This way you can enjoy your daily activities with like-minded people.

Accredited provider

Summa Aged Care and Summa Disability Care are accredited providers of the NDIS and My Aged Care Home Care Packages.

In order to stay accredited, providers need to continuously meet compliance requirements. Our accreditation allowed you to have confidence in our systems, processes & services.

No basic daily & exit fees

We do not believe in extra fees such as basic daily & exit fees. Summa Care is here to help you find the most suitable provider for your needs.

Summa Care focuses on enhancing people’s life - our goal is to make your care & support journey as easy as possible for you.

What people say about our services

Summa Care has been great with the service they provide. They genuinely care about the people they support and go the extra mile. Through the process of signing up to the quality of care I have received I could not have asked for more. It is never a hassle for me to ring and request more support at short notice, they always make it work. Thank you for always making me feel like a priority.

J. King
One of the People We Support, 2020

I think the team is fantastic! They are respectful and caring, they listen to me and are so organised!

L. Geraghty
One of the People We Support, 2020

The Summa Care team has provided amazing support for my parents for quite some time now and they couldn't be happier.

F. Thompson
Family of one of the People We Support, 2020

If you would like more information about our organisation & how we can help you, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today.